Travel Feature


Adirondack Life, “Three Days in the Santanonis” by Brian Castner

Loved every word, phrase, sentence, and paragraph of this piece. Heart pounding for those young boys, feeling the hunger in their bellies, and the excitement, terror and pride so beautifully described in this adventure.


British Columbia Magazine, “Storm Warning! “ by Daniel Wood, Arran Yates, Dale Miller, and David Webb

Written with punch and packed with facts, this feature grabs the reader, astonishing you from the start, grabs you and never lets go. Wonderful and unique that storm watching is used as a bridge to discuss two often-conflicted cultural views (in the author’s words).


Arizona Highways, “The Last Trading Posts” by by Matt Jaffe

In many ways “The Last Trading Posts” is much more than a story of commerce. And it does a lovely job of engaging the reader by telling several universal stories: of the tension between generations of family to advance and adapt; of the march of technology.

Award of Merit

New Mexico Magazine, “Neo Santa Fe “ by by John Muller, Kate Russell, Edie Dillman, and Dave Herndon

Specific and lively.

Additional Entries

Acadiana Profile, “Fall Festivals” by Kelly Massicot

Alabama Magazine, “Full Circle” by Ethan Bradford

Arizona Highways, “Remains to Be Seen” by Annette McGivney, Robert Stieve, and Kelly Vaughn

Capital Region Living, “Nantucket” by Vikki Moran

Cottage Life, “Haida Gwaii Scavengers & the Neoprene Handshake” by Masa Takei

Downhome, “7 Wonders of Newfoundland and Labrador Revealed” by Ashley Miller and Janice Stuckless

Louisiana Life, “Weekend Getaways” by Danielle Kalamaras, Chris Jay, and Jenny Peterson

Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors, “Happy Trails” by Regina Cole

Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors, “Naples: Unlocking the Past at Songo Lock” by Mimi Bigelow Steadman

Mississippi Magazine, “Rolling Down the Mississippi” by Karen Pulfer Focht

Mississippi Magazine, “A Tale of the Tanglefoot” by Beth Ann Fennelly

Texas Highways, “Literal(ly) San Antonio” by Bryce Milligan

Texas Highways, “The Journey Abides” by Matt Joyce