Nature and Environment Feature


Arkansas Life, “Pathfinder” by Wyndham Wyeth, Ragan Sutterfield, Paul Chisholm, Jordan P. Hickey, Scotty Lewis, Paul McDonnald, and Heather Steadham.

Outstanding collection paints a broad picture. Very engaging.


Arizona Highways, “Let Them Bee” by Terry Greene Sterling

Excellent! A compelling investigation of apiculture.


Cottage Life, “Forces at Play” by Catherine Collins

This is great science writing!

Award of Merit

British Columbia Magazine, “An Old Growth Battlefield “ by Hans Tammemagi, TJ Watt, Arran Yates, Dale Miller, and David Webb

Excellent reporting — then and now context. Outstanding.

Additional Entries

Adirondack Life, “Vanishing Acts” by Elizabeth Folwell

Alabama Magazine, “Preserving a Miracle” by Elizabeth Yontz

Alabama Magazine, “Dismals Canyon” by Madison A. Jinks

Arizona Highways, “It’s a Hard Rain” by Terry Tempest Williams and Brooke Williams

Louisiana Life, “Bayou Hopping” by Charles Paxton

Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors, “The Secret Life of Eels” by Catherine Schmitt

Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors, “Unearthly Floating Objects” by Nicholas R. Record

Mississippi Magazine, “The Long View” by Boyce Upholt

Mississippi Magazine, “Reef Recovery” by Julian Brunt

Mountain Home, “In Nessmuk’s Wake” by Brendan O’Meara

Saltscapes, “Can we save our salmon?” by Deborah Carr

Saltscapes, “The delights of country living” by Pam Hickman

Texas Highways, “The Magnificent Seven” by Melissa Gaskill

Texas Highways, “El Paso Naturally” by E. Dan Klepper