Historic Feature 30,000 or more Circulation


Arizona Highways, “Quite Wright” by Matt Jaffe

Impressive writing style; compelling subject matter; I was drawn into the story of the genesis of the home, the home’s story across time, and the intended iteration of the property in the future.


New Mexico Magazine, “Creator of Creators” by Peter BG Shoemaker

Nicely structured feature; lovely writing style; an insightful depiction of not only a legendary personality, but of New Mexico and Taos.


Arkansas Life, “Making History” by Mariam Makatsaria and Katie Bridges

I think this is one of the best features I’ve read. For me it comes down to the writing which is warm and charming, and the writer’s decision to make this about her experience meeting and describing — I love her descriptions — of the women who play Louise as an entry point is inspired. I thought I could care less for Arkansas architectural history, but I do, and I am pleased to have gotten to know little Louise!


Saltscapes, “Over the top, b’ys” by Bob Wakeham

Excellent storytelling; evocative, heartrending; a well-rounded feature with clear historical significance and a lot of heart.

Award of Merit

Down East, “Strange Pilgrimage” by Virginia M. Wright

Well written; fascinating subject matter; a unique opportunity to learn about an interesting moment in American history.

Award of Merit

Downhome, “A Force to Be Reckoned With by Elizabeth Whitten” by Todd Keith

Enjoyable first person account of a man’s fascinating life. The author did the wise thing and let Cyril tell his own life story, and that made it a great read.

Award of Merit

Alabama Magazine, “Hail to the Boys of CCC” by Julia Robinson

This is totally my kind of story! I admit it has a touch of a rah-rah narrative, but it is a seamless account of the CCC work, lots of historic context and love the personal stories at the end. Loads of photos as well, and it IS relevant. American bi-partisan behaviour today makes what Roosevelt did during the Great Depression unthinkable today, and that thought sits under the surface here. Unspoken, it speaks volumes about today’s America.

Additional Entries

Adirondack Life, “The Improbable County” by Eliza Jane Darling

Arizona Highways, “The West I Remember” by Ross Santee

Downhome, “A Veteran’s Story” by Ashley Miller

Louisiana Life, “Charpentier District Homes” by Errol Laborde

Texas Highways, “The Story of Our National Parks” by Matt Joyce