Photo Series 30,000 or more circulation


Arizona Highways, “This Land Is Your Land” by Nick Berezenko, Larry Lindahl, George H.H. Huey, Elias Butler, Mark Lipczynski, Adam Schallau, George Stocking, Mark Frank, Dave Bly, Davis Muench, Jack Dykinga, Laurence Parent, Robert Jasany, Michael Jennings, Tom Danielsen, and Tom Daniel


Cottage Life, “Haida Gwaii Scavengers & the Neoprene Handshake” by Kamil Bialous


Arkansas Life, “Right on Cue” by Rett Peek

Additional Entries

Adirondack Life, “A Beauty So Rare” by Brendan Wiltse

Arizona Highways, “Canyon de Chelly” by Jerry Jacka

Cottage Life, “The Good Time Drifters” by Kamil Bialous

Louisiana Life, “Pond to Pot” by Denny Culbert

Louisiana Life, “Rise and Revel” by James Shaw

Nebraska Life, “Windmills” by Roy Swoboda, Brad Goetsch, Laurie Schramm, Erik Johnson, Don Brockmeier, Jorn Olson, Richard Teller, Pat Schoenfelder, Ken Smith

New Mexico Magazine, “Neo Santa Fe” by Kate Russell

Saltscapes, “Water Colours” by Scott Leslie

Texas Highways, “Light Scapes” by E. Dan Klepper, Kathy Adams-Clark, Kenny Braun, Laurence Parent, Matthew Johnson, Sean Fitzgerald

Texas Highways, “Dive In” by Kenny Braun