Photo Series 30,000 or less circulation


albemarle: Living in Jefferson’s Virginia, “Ferns Ancient and Magical” by Robert Llewellyn.

Beautiful! Close-ups are so lovely, and I also appreciate seeing the ferns in the wild.


Yukon, North of Ordinary, “Recognizing the Beauty” by Tara McCarthy, Jonathan Tucker, and Manu Keggenhoff.

Stunning landscapes. Feels otherworldly!


Kansas!, “Native Life” by Mark Mangan and Jason Dailey

Nice moments. The close-ups are particularly beautiful.


Missouri Life, “A Stagecoach Comes Home” by Dennis Crider

Great range of photos! I love the moments captured. Color is great as well.


Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors, “It’s a Cold Job” by Robert F. Bukaty

Beautiful, gritty photos–I’d love to see them even bigger! Love the variety of shots as well.

Award of Merit

Acadiana Profile, “Cool Jobs” by Danley Romero

Great moments captured! The propping is nice here–could maybe even use more to set the scene of who these characters are. I like the use of backdrop as well!

Additional Entries

Acadiana Profile, “Monochromatic” by Theresa Cassagne

Acadiana Profile, “Family Band” by Michael Patrick Welch

Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors, “Shipping News” by Jonathan Laurence

Mountain Home, “Fall Fairytale” by Gwen Button