Reader Service Article


Arkansas Life, “Day Tripper” by Nicholas Hunt

Another strong entry. Love the varied presentation of information: graphs, quizzes, etc. It’s all there, interesting, and easy-to-read and easy on the eyes.


Avenue Calgary, “Haters Guide to Camping” by Shelley Arnusch, Kevin Brooker, and Joanne Elves

As a camping “hater” I totally appreciated this piece and its creativity. Great topic!


Cottage Life, “Grill Skills: Her Cred’s at Steak” by Jackie Davis, Kim Zagar, and Martin Zibauer

Thorough and well done – great sidebars, excellent packaging.

Award of Merit

Acadiana Profile, “Best Chefs” by Jyl Benson

Nice piece of service writing wrapped into a series of profiles. It made me want to check these places out.

Award of Merit

Texas Highways, “Texas Bucket List” by Melissa Gaskill

Love list articles, and the numerical break down. Very reader-friendly.

Additional Entries

Acadiana Profile, “Best New Restaurants” by Chere Coen

Adirondack Life, “Double Jeopardy” by Daniel Spada and Mick Tarsel

British Columbia Magazine, “B.C.’s Greatest Ski Road Trips” by Ryan Stuart, Arran Yates, Dale Miller, and David Webb

Louisiana Life, “Best of Louisiana” by Chris Jay, Jeanne Frois, Fritz Esker, Lisa LeBlanc, and Claire Salinas

Louisiana Life, “Gamblers, Gators & A-List Music Makers” by Sara Hudson

Texas Highways, “Nine Divine Hill Country Hikes” by Eric W. Pohl