IRMA Sponsors

I can’t imagine IRMA without our sponsors. They are so much more than a face at a booth to us. They are active members of our association. Publishing our magazine is so much easier when I know I have a trusted group of professionals that I can call on, and I know this because of their continued support of IRMA.

no-pic Colleen McIntyre, Director of Operations
Oklahoma Today magazine

Current IRMA Sponsors

Sponsor: Chilcutt Direct Marketing

Chilcutt Direct Marketing



Sponsor: SFG


Transcontinental Printing

Transcontinental Printing

We greatly value our partnership with SFG. SFG strives to not only assist our business, but to understand our business. We appreciate their dedication to our publication and their desire to help us achieve our goals.

no-pic Sabrina Ballesteros, Associate Publisher
Texas Highways Magazine

Cottage Life magazine transitioned to TC Transcontinental Printing in 2019 and we haven’t looked back. Our rep, Renato Casello, understands the challenges Publishers face on a daily and issue-to-issue basis and works with us on all aspects of price, product, and service. He values a strong working relationship with clients and he and his team work with you to deliver every job on point and on time.

no-pic Travis Lunau, Director of Consumer Marketing and Production
Cottage Life Magazine