Hed & Dek


Cottage Life, “Purple Reign” by Tim Tiner, Kim Zagar, and Jackie Davis

Great word play, and perfectly conveys story content.


Arizona Highways, “Let Them Bee” by Robert Stieve

Loved everything about this.


Louisiana Life, “Claws to Celebrate” by Stanley Dry

Bravo. Clever, clear writing both draws in the reader and sells the story.

Award of Merit

Missouri Life, “String Beings” by Martin Schwartz

Wow! Not only does the headline sell the story, it improves it, likely drawing in readers who would never have thought they’d want to read a puppet story.

Additional Entries

Acadiana Profile, “The MANual” by Ashley Hinson and Sarah George

Arizona Highways, “Remains to be Seen” by Robert Stieve

Louisiana Life, “Oh, Shucks!” by Megan Hill

Saltscapes, “Over the top, b’ys” by Bob Wakeham

Texas Highways, “Thrilling Distilling” by Arianna Auber