Portrait Series


Arizona Highways, “Getting Your Face Wet” by David Zickl

Some intense and powerful moments captured here.
Each image is so crisp and detailed despite the surrounding action.


Adirondack Life, “Freeze Frames” by Yvonne Albinowski

I’ve seen this series in another category, and I still love it.


New Mexico Magazine, “Lowriders: Riding High “ by Don J. Usner, Edie Dillman, and Dave Herndon

Awesome work with a moody feel and a sense of camaraderie and passion for a craft.


Saltscapes, “Atlantic Character” by Dave Brosha

Fantastic and eerie portraiture!

Award of Merit

Louisiana Life, “The Queen Passed On, But The Queen Lives On” by David Joshua Jennings

Vibrant and lively, but very emotionally powerful imagery.

Additional Entries

Arkansas Life, “In Their Natural State” by John David Pittman

Capital Region Living, “Sawyer Fredericks” by Megan Mumford

Louisiana Life, “5 Course Feast” by Danley Romero

Texas Highways, “Extraordinary Texans” by Will Van Overbeek