Delaware Beach Life, “Flotsam & Jetsam” by Fay Jacobs

A delightful laugh-out-loud experience that captures the reader from beginning to end. The best humour is a lot of work, but sounds effortless and this is the best of that genre. Well argued, makes a point but is never preachy. Fay Jacobs has a new fan for life!


Adirondack Life, “Short Carries: Piece of the Park, Why They Stay, Seasonal Disorder” by Annie Stoltie

Evocative and convincing commentary that entrances a reader into feeling a vested interest in the subject at hand. Even if you know nothing about the park, or were never affected by the flood, you still feel an emotional connection to the writer.


Arizona Highways, “Editor’s Letter” by Robert Stieve

Interesting and informative, this column is a standing invitation to dig into the rest of the magazine.

Award of Merit

Acadiana Profile, “Personnes” by Will Kalec

A well written and interesting community-building column that highlights people approaching life in interesting ways.

Award of Merit

Maine, Boats, Homes & Harbors, “A Postcard In Time: The Gloriously Stable Flattie Skiff; Going for a Ride; Bravo, Mr. Roosevelt” by Peter H. Spectre

Quirky, but certainly on-message. Love the concept/hook for the column (postcards), and the writer’s enthusiasm carries the reader.

Additional Entries

Capital Region Living, “Paging Doctor Gray” by John Gray

Colorado Life, “Peak Pixels” by Joshua Hardin

Louisiana Life, “From the Editor” by Errol Laborde

Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors, “Awanadjo Almanack: Welcome Downeast” by Rob McCall

Mississippi Magazine, “Dish It Out” by Melanie M. Ward

Missouri Life, “No Place Like Home” by Lorry Myers

Mountain Home, “Pet Sounds; Location, Location, Location; The Scent-sational Sounds of the Seasons” by Gayle Morrow

Texas Highways, “Editor’s Note” by Lori Moffatt

Texas Highways, “Travel Matters” by Barbara Rodriguez

Yukon, North of Ordinary, “Top 10 Under 25” by Tara McCarthy, Manu Keggenhoff, and Tara McCarthy