Magazine Writer of the Year 30,000 or less APR


Delaware Beach Life, “Blowin’ in the Wind; Tough Start; Caution: Heavy Traffic Ahead; A Question of Character “ by Lynn R. Parks

This is the epitome of magazine feature writing, led by outstanding reporting of important issues from different angles and perspectives. Turning mountains of facts into a solid story is no easy task. The opening scenes are strong, the structure is solid, making for a smooth reading experience. The reader gets a strong, unvarnished sense of the importance of each issue, especially in the wind-power and NAS stories. I’ve never been to Delaware but I know what I’ll read when I go!


Colorado Life, Matt Masich

Matt Masich is the master of the riveting read, combining well researched material with artfully told stories to create must-reads that are rich in detail. His work is consistently delightful, informative and entertaining.


Acadiana Profile, “The Middle of Here; If You Build it They Will Rum; Healthy Outlook; Portraits on All Fours; An Undaunted Spirit “ by Will Kalec

The writer has a good sense of structure and flow to the stories. Very good reporting and character development.

Award of Merit

Missouri Life, Jonas Weir

Jonas is the king of the condensed read. It takes real talent to consistently research and write these types of features (comprised, essentially, of a series of short stories). Mr. Weir does it so well he makes it look easy.