Arizona Highways, “The Journal” by Robert Stieve, Kelly Vaughn, Noah Austin, Jeff Kida, Barbara Glynn Denney, and Keith Whitney

What a wonderful mix of history and photographs this package contains! Stories are documented with respect and love while photographs are taken by dedicated photographers going through extraordinary lengths to capture a micro-moment. They witness a place – a plant, an animal, a setting, that perhaps even the State’s residents might never have the opportunity to see. These photos are extraordinary.


Arkansas Life, “First Taste “ by Bonnie Bauman, Katie Bridges, Arshia Khan, Kelley Lane, and Staci Miller Franklin

A wonderful and diverse package. Solid work from writers, photographers, and editors.


Texas Highways, “Drive” by Gary Clark, Daniel Blue Tyx, Helen Anders, Clayton Maxwell, Sallie Lewis, Gene Fowler, Michael Corcoran, Heather Brand, Mai Pham, Paula Disbrowe, Cathryn A. Hoyt, Andrea Abel, Melissa Gaskill, Brandon Jakobeit, Kathy Adams Clark, Kevin Stillman, Will van Overbeek, John C. Robinson, E. Dan Klepper, Drue Wagner, Scott Baldwin, WACSO, Kelly Colchin, Mark Mahorsky, Jane Wu, Brandon Jakobeit, Jill Lawless, Lori Moffatt, and Matt Joyce

Strong writing, beautiful package.

Award of Merit

Louisiana Life, “Louisiana Made” by Jeffery Roedel, Danley Romero, Melanie Warner Spencer, and Sarah George

Such a pleasure to look at this. Loved the variety of profiles; the insights; the thoughtfulness of this package; and how the culture and history of a place seeps into the craft these people have chosen.

Additional Entries

Adirondack Life, “Northern Lights” by Lisa Bramen, Elizabeth Folwell, Niki Kourofsky, Annie Stoltie, Kelly Hofschneider

Delaware Beach Life, “Beach Briefs” by Terry Plowman, Tom Kavanagh, Ashley Dawson, Laura Navarre, Tessa Lingo

Kansas!, “Wide Open Spaces” by Shelly Bryant, Andrea Etzel, Nathan Pettengill, Nadia Imafidon, Kelly Gibson

New Mexico Magazine, “Movers & Makers” by Chris Jay, Jeanne Frois, Fritz Esker, Lisa LeBlanc, and Claire Salinas

Texas Highways, “Hit the Road” by Melissa Gaskill, Daniel Blue Tyx, E. Dan Klepper, Sean Fitzgerald, Larry Ditto, E. Dan Klepper, Susie Ghahremani, Nana Rausch/Quick Honey, John S. Dykes, Mark Mahorsky, Jane Wu, Brandon Jakobeit, Lori Moffatt, Matt Joyce

Yukon, North of Ordinary, “Local Heroes” by Kelly Milner, Kate Harris, Cathie Archbould, Manu Keggenhoff, Tara McCarthy