Cover 30,000 or More


Texas Highways, “Wild Thing” by Sean Fitzgerald, Margaret Kimball, Mark Mahorsky, Jane Wu, Brandon Jakobeit, Jill Lawless, Lori Moffatt, and Matt Joyce

Saturated with color – and personality – this cover makes one want to romp through a meadow filled with flowers. Or, at the very least, grab bright cuttings from the garden and display a bouquet in the kitchen. And, of course, turn the pages of “Texas Highways” to see what adventures and information are inside.


Arizona Highways, “The Black & White Issue “ by Barbara Glynn Denney, Robert Stieve, and Jeff Kida

A stark, gutsy engaging cover.


Louisiana Life, “Weekend Getaways” by Sarah George

Great photo, snappy copy, great balance.

Award of Merit

British Columbia Magazine, “Cover Winter 2016” by Steve Ogle, Arran Yates, Dale Miller, and David Webb

Lovely design that’s simultaneously retro and contemporary, and still works as inspiration to travel.

Additional Entries

Adirondack Life, “October Cover” by Kelly Hofschneider, Annie Stoltie, Niki Kourofsky, Lisa Bramen, Elizabeth Folwell

Arizona Highways, “Canyon de Chelly” by Jerry Jacka

Arkansas Life, “Good as Gold” by John David Pittman and Emma Devine

Louisiana Life, “Claws to Celebrate” by Sarah George

Mississippi Magazine, “Sept/Oct Cover” by Rory Doyle and Bonnie Dickerson

Nebraska Life, “July/August 2016 Cover” by Alan J. Bartels, Tannon Asche, Christopher Amundson, and Angela Amundson

Texas Highways, “The Bucket List” by Laurence Parent, Mark Mahorsky, Jane Wu, Brandon Jakobeit, Lori Moffatt, and Matt Joyce