Historic Feature 30,000 or less Circulation


Colorado Life Magazine, “Otto Mears” by Matt Masich.

Brilliant introduction, stunning visuals, tons of detail and a scorching narrative – what more could any reader ask for?


Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors, “Grand, Wild, and Terrific: John James Audubon and his travels through Maine” by Rob McCall and Polly Saltonstall

Wonderful package wrapped around a strong historical story. I can easily see how the magazine’s readers would be delighted by this.


Kansas!, “Buffalo Soldiers “ by Melinda Briscoe and Bianca Brown

Chilling, thrilling and riveting from beginning to end. And, utterly believable thanks to the copious data that’s been so skillfully parsed in the timeline. If you have a heart, it will be outraged at the injustice faced by the Buffalo Soldiers. Once you read it, you can’t forget it.


Mountain Home, “Airplane Wars” by Peter Joffre Nye

Fascinating to learn about an aviation pioneer I’m sure many people were not aware of!

Award of Merit

Alabama Magazine, “Alabama Aviators” by Todd Keith

A great story, well written.

Additional Entries

Acadiana Profile, “Into the Groove” by Sarah Ravits

Acadiana Profile, “Family Band” by Michael Patrick Welch

Alabama Magazine, “Honor Pride Service” by Savanna Clay

Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors, “The Revenue Man” by Ralph W. Stanley