Annual Publication


New Mexico Magazine, “True Adventure Guide” by Tourism Secretary: Rebecca Latham, Editor in Chief: Dave Herndon, Creative Director: Edie Dillman, Principal Author: Ashley M. Biggers, Senior Editor: Andrew Roush, Graphic Designer: Jazmen Bradford, Ad Production Manager: Terry Smith, Production Manager: Stephen Bohannon, and Circulation Director: Kurt Coey

Love the cover. There is a true sense of understanding the audience and meeting their needs–present on almost every page. The short features are strong, and I like how they’re structured around specific themes, rather than just places, which is what so often happens in this type of magazine. Loved the Native American visitor guide tips, and all the focus on chiles. This book is top-notch all around.


Texas Highways,”Texas Highways Annual Publication “

Love the diverse use of typography and all the colour cues to help the reader navigate such a dense book. The volume of info is absurdly thorough–clearly the service to the reader is being met.


Mountain Home, “Pennsylvania Route 6” by Teresa Banik Capuzzo

I appreciate the origin story told in the cover letter about the popular desire for the magazine and what the founding mission is.