Portrait Photo


Arizona Highways, “Out of the Ordinary” by David Zickl

Excellent execution of this offbeat character. Great lines, eyes, lighting.


Louisiana Life, “Rise and Revel” by James Shaw

The photographer captured a moment — the great ones do.  Natural, compelling — great journalistic image.


Adirondack Life, “Freeze Frames” by Yvonne Albinowski

A clean and modern look at ice fishing and the methods used today.
This isn’t necessarily a subject I would be interested in, but this presentation, the surreal landscape, and personal look at the people involved is hard to pass by at a glance.

Additional Entries

Acadiana Profile, “Personnes: Feel the Heat” by Danley Romero

Acadiana Profile, “Best Chefs” by Denny Culbert

Arizona Highways, “Master of the Arts” by Emry Kopta

Capital Region Living, “Capital Region “Bestie” Awards” by Megan Mumford

Louisiana Life, “All That Jazz” by Danley Romero

Missouri Life, “Beard Envy” by Harry Katz

Nebraska Life, “Chimney Sweep” by Alan J. Bartels

Saltscapes, “Atlantic character” by Dave Brosha

Texas Highways, “Crocodile Lile” by Will Van Overbeek

Texas Highways, “Concierge Jeffrey” by Matthew Johnson