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Yukon, North of Ordinary, “Haunted North” by Manu Keggenhoff

Nice use of double exposure to create a mood. Very appropriate for the subject matter.
The photography is technically and artistically done very well.

Ms. Keggenhoff shares with us how she got the shots!
Thank you, Manu!

My idea for the photo-essay came up one cosy evening at a bonfire, telling ghostly tales over a glass of wine with friends. The Canadian northwest, with its rich gold-rush history, has a lot of spooky stories to tell and I always had a soft spot for the unexplainable tales in our quirky towns. Over time I’ve been collecting these stories and was looking for a way to visualize them. I made a call-out through the entire North to dig a little deeper and hear some lesser known stories and was surprised how many people came forward with their own experiences.

Over the cause of a year I’ve traveled to many original locations throughout the Yukon and northern British Columbia to shoot this collection of ghoststories, trying to capture the mood of a passed era. I used double or long exposures to create a spooky feel. Or took a fogmachine to a nearby graveyard to photograph my friend in a vintage nightgown.

All images were taken at the original location the stories originated from.
Here is a making-of image, in case you’re interested!


Acadiana Profile, “Lawn Bevs Buds Food Play” by Denny Culbert

This is a great photo series really capturing this occasion. The viewer gets great insight into being there.


albemarle: Living in Jefferson’s Virginia, “William Albert Allard. 31 years of Photos of Paris” by William Albert Allard

Nice images. Great collection.

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