Photo Series 35,000 or more circulation


Texas Highways, “Hauntingly Jefferson” by Dave Shafer

A truly haunting series that maintains the ability to bring forth feelings of warmth and curiosity.


Arizona Highways, “The Big Pictures: Monument Valley” by Derek Von Briesen, Tim Fitzharris, Jack Dykinga, Paul Gill, Suzanne Mathia, Larry Lindahl, David Muench, Kerrick James, Dean Hueber, Bruce D. Taubert, Guy Schmickle, Shane McDermott

Excellent and beautiful photos. Start off simple and lead you to expect the same kind of photos we’ve all see a million times, but then they get more and more dramatic, and unexpected.


Louisiana Life, “On The Run” by Denny Culbert

For photographs of a celebration, there is an amazing stillness to these photos, like you’re catching something that you shouldn’t be seeing.


Adirondack Life, “Painted Pony” by Ewan Burns

The exciting action shots paired with detailed spots creates context and a nice narrative without even reading the article.

Additional Entries

Arizona Highways, “The Big Pictures: Grand Canyon” by Tom Danielsen, Derek Von Briesen, Wes Timmerman, Jack Dykinga, Claire Curran

Cottage Life, “Take Me To Waskesiu” by Kamil Bialous

Louisiana Life, “Hoppy Trails” by Melanie Warner Spencer

New Mexico Magazine, “Hog Wild for County Fairs” by Sergio Salvador

Saltscapes, “Brook Trout Love” by Sean Landsman

Texas Highways, “Take 2” by Jeff Willson