Portrait Photo


Arizona Highways, “Dear Jim …” by Scott Baxter

Lovely and still portrait. Great use of natural light, setting, and cropping.


Texas Highways, “A Red River Road Trip” by Joel Salcido

I love this portrait. The compositions and colours are so wonderful, but more importantly, the subject seems energetic and genuine.


New Mexico Magazine, “The Great Unknown” by Stefan Wachs

This is an awesome portrait capturing a revealing moment between a human and a bird of prey.

Award of Merit

Adirondack Life, “Portrait of an Environmental Conservation Officer” by Yvonne Albinowski

Personality and humour. Tells a story while being unexpected and unique.

Award of Merit

Louisiana Life, “Step-By-Step” by Danley Romero

A warm and honest portrait. It has a wonderful tone and subject.

Award of Merit

Wyoming Wildlife, “Antler Artist” by Justin Joiner

Rich textures and depth. Brings the viewer into the space.

Justin, Creative director for Wyoming Wildlife, shares with us how he got the shot!
Thank you, Justin!

Award of Merit

Yukon, North of Ordinary, “Northern Haute Couture” by Jennifer Houghton

Additional Entries

Arizona Highways, “He Knows What He’s Talking About” by John Burcham

Louisiana Life, “Local Flavor” by Danley Romero

Saltscapes, “Atlantic Character” by Dave Brosha

Texas Highways, “The Chisholm Trail” by Kenny Braun