Portrait Series


Adirondack Life, “From Jamaica to Peru” by Ben Stechschulte

A compelling series showcasing the photographer’s ability to expertly capture a diversity of situations. There is a feeling that the photographer approached their subject with respect and treated it with dignity.


Arizona Highways, “The Maverick” by Scott Baxter

Love the lighting and the atmosphere.


Acadiana Profile, “Best Chefs” by Danley Romero

Beautifully rich images with wonderfully deep tones and colours. Dignified, emotive and compelling.

Additional Entries

Acadiana Profile, “Cool Jobs” by Danley Romero

Arizona Highways, “It’s Good to be Home” by Scott Baxter

Avenue Magazine, “Culture & Beauty” by Asim Overstands

New Mexico Magazine, “Tom Russell’s Last Stand” by Kurt Markus

Okahoma Today, “Who We Are” by David Joshua Jennings and Blas Preciado

Saltscapes, “Atlantic Character” by Dave Brosha