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albemarle magazine, “Bill Allard Cafe, Rue des Grandes Augustins” by William Albert Allard


Arizona Highways, “In the Frame” by Derek von Briesen

Mr. von Briesen shares with us how he got the shot!
Thank you, Derek!

Finding new & interesting ways to photograph Monument Valley’s world-famous Mitten rock formations is always a challenge for visiting landscape photographers. Foreground rocks; sand dune ripples; summer rain’s reflective pools; tents; jeeps; hikers; horses; dogs, the occasional coyote; and the ubiquitous juniper tree & trunk as framing device: if it’s there, photographers will give it a go, often with spectacular results.

The record-breaking snows of February, 2015, provided some very unique opportunities. 24” over two days, with significant wind, created deep snowdrifts. This uniquely shaped accumulation was about 4’ deep. The longtime surfer in me immediately recognized an original framing device, one that I had never seen before. It reminded me of all those barrels I’d peered out of at friends paddling out, hooting and hollering!!

Like those long ago tube rides, it was a tight fit. The left hand tripod leg was inserted into the snow bank, with the closest snow just inches from the camera, requiring a four shot focus stack with a 17mm wide angle lens. The nervous part was whether the entire snowdrift would come crashing down on my camera and me. Lucky me, it didn’t and resulted in a truly original composition that makes my surfer heart sing!!


Arkansas Life, “Concert Masters” by Rett Peek

A striking and well-crafted image reminiscent of techniques from years past. It’s surprising, playful and wonderfully captures the subject matter.


Kansas!, “Sunset on Texico Hill” by Brian Schoenfish

A breathtaking image filled with depth, an incredible colour palette and intensity. The photograph produces an emotional impact uncommon for landscapes.

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