Magazine Writer of the Year 35,000 or less circulation


Arkansas LifeJordan Hickey

I like this writer a lot. The writing has its own rhythm, maybe even a melody that makes it feel musical.


Acadiana Profile, Will Kalec

Heaps of talent here. I have read many writers who can craft a decent narrative, but few who can surround the reader with a story.


Wyoming Wildlife, Christina Schmidt Shorma

I enjoyed this author’s work and would be happy to read it again.


Colorado Life Magazine, Matt Masich

This writer distinguishes himself as being consistently strong and engaging over a diverse set of stories. His writing is economical, clear and evocative with ample effective description and relevant detail to engage the reader.


Oklahoma Today, Megan Rossman

Wonderful, descriptive, efficient writing from this writer. Her writing is great fun, and a joy to read.

Award of Merit

Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors, Laurie Schreiber

A very competent storyteller.