Special Focus 2021


Texas Highways, “The Return of Car Culture” by Mark Mahorsky, Ashley Burch, Chris Linnen, Emily Stone, Michael Hoinski, Matt Joyce, Kimya Kavehkar, and Julia Jones

Terrific writing, inviting graphics and unexpected touches: The Return of Car Culture, in Texas Highways, is a very appealing package.
A spread called Let’s Cross That Bridge looks at the state’s historic bridges, including “engineering marvels” and “abridged”–i.e., spans that have been repurposed. In Pick-Me-Up, writer Sarah Hepola looks at the evolution of pick-up-trucks, while test-driving an assortment of these vehicles.
Captures the fun and exhilaration of driving on the open road.


KANSAS! Magazine, “75th Anniversary Photo Issue” by Shelly Bryant, Andrea Etzel, and Nathan Pettengill

There’s no better tribute to your state than showing it through the eyes and words of the people.
I loved the lack of captioning on the majority of images so it could be consumed as the art it is and the mood it evokes.


Arizona Highways, “The Great Escapes” by Keith Whitney, Lisa Altomare, Jeff Kida, Robert Stieve, Kelly Vaughn, Noah Austin, and Ameema Ahmed

What a beacon of light, hope, and longing during such a dark time in the world’s history. I love this issue theme.


Down East, “Special Grizzly Issue” by Patrick Owen, Tracie Binkerd, and Robert Gagliardi

Beautiful tribute to a beautiful animal. I love the mix of photo, infographics, and clean, clear design. The pull-out poster was a really fun addition.
It’s super interesting to see how much the grizzly population has grown in the last 35+ years
and how the Wyoming Game and Fish Department is moving to manage that.