Profiles 35,000 or less circulation 2021


Adirondack Life, “Rachel Finn” by Luke Cyphers

Interesting and complex character profile that captured the spirit of Rachel Finn, her passion for the outdoors and the nature of grief.


Kansas! Magazine, ‘Part of the Legacy that Shapes Who We Are’ by Martinez Hillard

Combining the comprehensive interview with the sidebar treatments created an excellent overall reader experience.


Nebraska Life “Escaping Gravity” by Alan J. Bartels

Really well done profile, you feel you really know the subject of feature.

Award of Merit

Louisiana Life “Louisianians of the Year” by Fritz Esker, Chris Jay, Cheré Coen, and John R. Kemp

Varied and persuasive. The feature touches on various aspects of the community and how individuals can improve them.

Award of Merit

Oklahoma Today “Petticoat Terror of the Plains” by Karlie YbarrA

Well researched and written with an authoritative voice.