Reader Service Article 2021


Texas Highways, “Time Travel Through Texas” by John Lumpkin, Sanderia Faye, and John Nova Lomax

I have to say I am really impressed with the story ideas and the way they blossom into wonderful stories in Texas Highways. This is a brilliant idea.


Down East, “Welcome to the Wild Wild World of Maine Real Estate” by Jennifer Van Allen, Jesse Ellison, and Brian Kevin

A really intelligent use of infographics that are beautifully designed and help shed light on the market, as well as a good use of sources.

Tie for Silver



Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors, “The State of Aquaculture” by Nancy Harmon Jenkins

Beautifully reported and written. Brava! This piece effortlessly (well, it seems effortless but I know it was a lot of hard work) fuses themes of climate change, culture, innovation and survival. Stunningly good.


Adirondack Life, “Sun-day Baking “ by Paul Greenberg

Learned a lot, and enjoyed hearing the voice of this writer. One of my two favorites in this category.

Tie for Bronze


Cottage Life, “Game of Thrones “ by Jackie Davis

The bright clean design and simple breakdown of facts made this an interesting, fun read even to those not in the market for an alt-toilet.

Award of Merit

Avenue, “CONTAIN YOURSELF” by Jacquie Moore

Really, this is packed full of all the information anyone interested in this type of gardening could need.

Award of Merit

New Mexico Magazine, “Powder Play” by Elizabeth Miller, Ashley M. Biggers, Daniel Gibson, and Courtney Holden

This package is a treasure trove of information for would be skiers and skiers. All the bases are covered. Nice job.

Award of Merit

Oklahoma Today, “Food Worth the Drive 2021” by Karlie YbarrA, Abigail Hall, Kashea McCowan, Nathan Gunter, Greg Elwell, and Megan Rossman

This is the kind of piece we all look for when we’re casting about looking for a cool place to eat. Nicely done.