Public Issues 2021


Oklahoma Today, “Hell Came to Tulsa” by Quraysh Ali Lansana and Bracken Klar

This sober, articulate piece, published just before the 100th anniversary of the riots, draws on survivor testimony (in public records) and startling historical photos to tell the horrifying story. The writer notes that until recently schools in Oklahoma didn’t even teach about the riots. Now, all that’s changing.


Arizona Highways, “At the End of Their Ropes “ by Noah Austin

Interesting story about an interesting group. I can’t believe they’ve never written about them before, given how long they’ve been around.


Wyoming Wildlife, “Bruin Challenges” by Wyoming Game and Fish Department

The reporting here is very strong. Excellent info graphics and photography. The overall effect is quite compelling.

Award of Merit

Mountain Home, “Land of Milk and Honey” by David O’Reilly

I like the B2B focus of the story. It’s a story that could fascinate a lot of readers.

Award of Merit

Texas Highways, “Let Freedom Ring” by Michael Hurd

An important personal essay about the history of Juneteenth and how the event affected the author.