Colorado Life, “San Luis Valley Gators “ by Matt Masich, March/April 2015

Lively writing and an even livelier subject make this a fun profile to read.


The Iowan, “Iowan Icon: Bob Dorr” by Avery Gregurich, July/August 2015

Couldn’t stop reading!


Arizona Highways, “Sir David” by Kathy Montgomery, December 2015

A gentle, sweet profile to match what is obviously a gentle, sweet man.

Award of Merit

Arkansas Life, “Portrait of the Artist” by Jordan P. Hickey, July 2015

Fantastic, gripping story.

Award of Merit

Adirondack Life, “Sugar House Creamery “ by Annie Stoltie, July/August 2015

Delicious details and intriguing characters.

Award of Merit

New Mexico Magazine, “Tony Hillerman: An Open Book” by Charles C. Poling, October 2015

A solid, well-written profile of a fascinating character.

Additional Entries

Acadiana Profile, “The Business of Fun” by Will Kalec and Claire Salinas, June/July 2015

Acadiana Profile, “Best Chefs” by Cheré Coen, October/November 2015

Arizona Highways, “Their Souls Blend in a Soft Whisper” by Kelly Vaughn, March 2015

Delaware Beach Life, “Profile in Courage (and Love)” by Jessica Gordon, May 2015

Louisiana Life, “Louisianians of the Year” by Kathy Finn, January/February 2015

Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors, “Artist of the Outdoors” by Carl Little, Issue 135 June/July 2015

Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors, “Stellar Art” by Carl Little, Issue 133 February/March 2015

Missouri Life, “Resilience in Practice” by Wade Livingston, May 2015

Mountain Home, “Saving Celia” by Brendan O’Meara, March 2015

Saltscapes, “A tale of two women” by Deborah Carr, July/August 2015

Texas Highways, “Make it Shiny” by Matt Joyce, January 2015