Cover 30,000 or less Circulation


Yukon, North of Ordinary , “Summer 2015” by GBP Creative

Great photography, vibrant cover with lots going on but doesn’t feel cluttered.


Kansas!, “The Road Trip Issue Summer 2015” by Andrea Etzel, Katy Ibsen, Shelly Bryant, Doug Stremel. 2015

Great composition! Love the colour palette and the incorporation of little sketchy elements. Nicely done.


Missouri Life, “August 2015” by Andrew Barton, Jonas Weir, Sarah Herrera, Thomas Sullivan

Loved this. Fun, playful design and type, engaging coverlines, and a clear sense of the mag’s identity.

Award of Merit

Delaware Beach Life, “Silhouetted Lighthouse May 2015” by Marc Clery

Visually this is a successful cover. The silhouetted lighthouse evokes a feeling of home; the palette is appealing, the type easy to read.

Additional Entries

Acadiana Profile, “Music Makers” by Danley Romero and Sarah George June/July 2015

Acadiana Profile, “Home Garden Recipes” by Eugenia Uhl and Sarah George, February/March 2015

albemarle: Living in Jefferson’s Virginia, “albemarle Oct/Nov cover” by Michael Fitts, Alison Dickie, Eden Weathersby, Lynn Karlin, October/November 2015

Arizona Wildlife Views, “Yellow-headed Blackbird” by George Andrejko, Cecelia Carpenter, Heidi Rayment, editor; Julie Hammonds, associate editor; Madeline Gaffney, editorial assistant, July/August 2015

Delaware Beach Life, “Pair of Bald Eagles” by Kevin Fleming, Holiday 2015

Kansas!, “The Oz Issue” by Andrea Etzel, Katy Ibsen, Shelly Bryant, and Doug Stremel, Fall 2015

Missouri Life, “April 2015” by Andrew Barton, Sarah Herrera, Jonas Weir, Harry Katz