Overall Art Direction 30,000 or more APR


Cottage Life, “www.cottagelife.com” Kim Zagar, 2015

The fun and energetic colors combine with the bold typography to create a visual experience that is both interesting and relevant. The beautiful photography, illustration, and other graphic elements provide wonderful visual entry points throughout the magazine.


Texas Highways, “www.texashighways.com” Mark Mahorsky, Jane Wu, Brandon Jakobeit, Kirsti Harms, 2015

The use of typography in this magazine elevates the reader’s experience to a whole new level. Bright colors are relevant and appropriate styles bring each page to life.


Adirondack Life, “www.adirondacklifemag.com” Kelly Hofschneider, 2015

Beautiful and striking photography coupled with clean, fun and sophisticated typography make this magazine experience insightful as well as memorable.

Award of Merit

New Mexico Magazine, “https://www.newmexico.org/nmmagazine/” Edie Dillman, 2015

Typography is simple and effective. Feature titles are fun and creative.