Travel Feature



New Mexico Magazine, “A Turning Point in Turner Country” by Dave Herndon, June 2015

The best travel writing is more than merely a catalog of places to go and things to see. Rather it paints a picture of a place, takes the reader there, covering sites, history, flora, fauna, the essence of gestalt of the place. This piece does it.



Cottage Life, “Out on the Land” by Margo Pfeiff, Winter 2015

Interesting look at a unique culture.



British Columbia Magazine, “Fall Road Trips Special” by Ryan Stuart, Desiree Miller and David Webb, 014 Annual Guide to the Great Outdoors

An attractive, user-friendly resource for wanderlusting readers.

Award of Merit


The Iowan, “Touring Iowa’s Great River Road” by Dan Weeks, Sept/Oct 2015

Appealingly visual travel package that explains well not just where to go, but _why_ to go.

Award of Merit


Texas Highways, “The Lure of the Llano” by E. Dan Klepper, April 2015

Some very nice descriptive writing highlights this piece, particularly the lede and the end.

Award of Merit


Adirondack Life, “Johns Brook Lodge, the Last Resort “ by Luke Cyphers, Annual Guide to the Great Outdoors 2015

Solid reporting and good writing. Doesn’t hit me over the head with a list of things to do or see, rather makes me want to do and see them.

Award of Merit

mh-2016-ctgy1-publicissues800Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors, “Eagle Island” by Mimi Bigelow Steadman, November/December 2015

Strong reporting and anecdotes, and a timely, even urgent, issue make this a compelling read.

Additional Entries

Acadiana Profile, “Travel: New Orleans” by Sarah Ravits, June/July 2015

Lake Superior Magazine, “Dawn of a New Superior” by Molly Hoeg, June/July 2015

Delaware Beach Life, “A Sound Strategy” by Laura Dattaro, July 2015

Louisiana Life, “Travel Guide: 18 Remarkable Restaurants Worth the Trip” by Chris Jay, Cheré Coen, Teresa Day, and Bernard Frugé III, May/June 2015

Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors, “Did you know you can spend the night in a Maine lighthouse?” by Mimi Bigelow Steadman & Polly Saltonstall, Issue 137 November/December 2015

Missouri Life, “The Art of Memory” by W. Arthur Mehrhoff, February 2015

Texas Highways, “Big Luxury in the Big Bend” by Kathryn Jones, February 2015