Texas Highways, “Escape the Heat & Love the Nightlife” by Matthew Baldwin, MOLO, Scott Wetterschneider, Shinbone Creative, August 2015

Unique, fun, appealing and engaging.

Silver"Twenty Million and a Hyphen"

Arizona Highways, “Of Prehistoric Proportions” by Jon Foster, May 2015

Evocative, beautiful, perfectly illustrates the story, and effectively accommodates the needs of the article.


Adirondack Life, “Manhunt” by David Junkin, November/December 2015

Dramatic and original! Great use of collage to incorporate the important elements of the story.

Award of Meritmh-2016-ctgy1-publicissues800

Cottage Life, “Who’s That Man?” by Ben Clarkson, Summer 2015

Amazing. Compelling. Beautiful. I would happily look at these all day, and enjoy the weird quirky way that they tell their story.

Award of Meritmh-2016-ctgy1-publicissues800

Missouri Life, “It’s Boz!” by Meredith Wilson, December 2015

Gorgeous. Distinct. Tells a story, and powerfully directs the viewers eye with subtle cues.

Additional Entries

Arizona Highways, “The Showoffs” by Chris Gall, March

Louisiana Life, “The Little Hospital That Could” by Lauren Simkin Berke, November/December 2015

Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors, “Mysterious Predators” by Karen Talbot, Issue 136

Texas Highways, “A Texas Bucket List” by Mike Lowery, May 2015

Yukon, North of Ordinary, “YUKON STEREOTYPES | Fact of Fiction” by Cass Collins, Spring 2015