Magazine Writer of the Year 30,000 or less Circulation


Matt Masich, Colorado Life, “How Fort Collins Inspired Disneyland, San Luis Valley Gators, San Luis: What’s New in Colorado’s Oldest Town?”2015

Matt Masich’s story selection, deep reporting and the smooth flow of his work make him the clear choice as Magazine Writer of the Year.


Ron Soodalter, Missouri Life, “Things that Go Bump in the Night, It’s Boz, Playing for Blood, The Senator from Pendergast”2015

Ron Soodalter is a fine reporter and writer whose work is far from ordinary.


Will Kalec, Acadiana Profile, “Houma: City of the Year, Les Artiste, Les Personnes”2015

Unfussy and winningly straightforward. Nice handling of quotes and writerly descriptions.

Award of Merit

Pam George, Delaware Beach Life, “The Big Tent, Tales From Behind the Bar, So You Want to Own a Restaurant?, In With the New, A Place at the Table”2015

Obviously excels at reporting sprawling, in-depth stories about local culture.