Special Focus


Arizona Highways, “Special 90th Anniversary Issue, A Look Back at our First Nine Decades” by Robert Stieve, Kelly Vaughn Kramer, Noah Austin, Jeff Kida, Barbara Glynn Denney, Keith Whitney, April 2015

Boy, this issue really stands out! Not many magazines reach 90 years and have such a rich history, both as a magazine and as a cultural witness.


Arkansas Life “Delta Dawn” by Katie Bridges, Jordan P. Hickey, Emily Van Zandt, Kelley Lane, Arshia Khan, May 2015

An interesting take on a unique subject coupled with beautiful photographs and brilliant and relevant typography make for an inspiring and praise worthy experience.


Texas Highways “Comfort Food” by Mark Mahorsky, Jill Lawless, Lori Moffatt, Matt Joyce, Julie Stratton, Brandon Jakobeit, Jane Wu, Lois Rodriguez, Cindy Newsom, June Naylor, Robb Walsh, Will van Overbeek, Kevin Stillman, Michael Amador, November 2015

I know barbecue is your thing, Texas, but my goodness those pies…

Award of Merit

Adirondack Life “The 2015 Photography Issue” by Kelly Hofschneider, Annie Stoltie, Elizabeth Folwell, Lisa Bramen, Niki Kourofsky, March/April 2015

Consistent application of the theme, with an interesting variety. Fun read, beautiful images, plus usable information.