2016 Historic Feature 30,000 or more APR


Adirondack Life, “Conservation’s Dark Side” by Amy Godine, January/February 2015

Of all the entries in this category, I learned the most from this one. Well-researched work, and the writing is light (but not flippant) and tight.


"Twenty Million and a Hyphen"

Texas Highways, “Celebration of Independence” by James L. Haley, March 2015

This is a pro at work. Thoughtful yet easy to read.


Cottage Life, “Who’s That Man?” by Charlotte Gray, Joseph Boyden and Douglas Hunter, Summer 2015

This is informative and is a different take on what’s probably a well-worn idea.

Award of Merit

Arizona Highways, “Of Prehistoric Proportions” by Kayla Frost, May 2015

Award of Merit

Nebraska Life, “Summer at Winter Quarters” by Matt Masich, July/August 2015

Additional Entries

Arizona Highways, “Desert Oasis” by Annette McGivney, November 2015

Louisiana Life, “Battle of New Orleans” by Paul F. Stahls Jr., January/February 2015

Louisiana Life, “Louisiana’s Historic Music Halls” by Megan Hill, May/June 2015

Texas Highways, “Sunshine and Shipwrecks” by E. Dan Klepper, June 2015