2016 Historic Feature 30,000 or less APR


Colorado Life, “Zebulon Pike” by Matt Masich, Nov/Dec 2015

A comic tragedy. I am impressed and entertained by Pike’s mission.


"Twenty Million and a Hyphen"

Missouri Life, “Playing for Blood” by Ron Soodalter, April 2015

I thoroughly enjoyed the pacing of this piece and the rich details that brought the time period to life.


Lake Superior Magazine, “A Night to Remember” by Dennis Anderson and Rick Fowler, October/November 2015

A very interesting story that has the feel of a good storyteller reminiscing.

Award of Merit

Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors, “American Eagle” by James Craig, April/May 2015

This was a fascinating look at the man behind what’s now a core symbol of American nationhood, and expertly written.

Additional Entries

albemarle magazine, “150 Years of Tenacity and Dedication” by Andrea Douglas

Delaware Beach Life, “An Earth Day to Remember” by George W. Contant

Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors, “Dr. Gould’s Flying Nurses” by Elizabeth G. Macalaster

Mountain Home, “Murder of the Century” by Carrie Hagen

Wyoming Wildlife, “Bishop of the Birds” by Jeff Obrecht