Down East, “My Intractable, Gun-Loving Anti-Government Right-Wing Cousin (Who I Like a Lot)” by Ron Currie Jr., December 2015

A great example of a loving essay on a topic that quickly divides people. It’s thoughtful but far from mean-spirited. Nice work.


Arizona Highways, “The Long Deep Trails of Water” by Craig Childs, June 2015

I get a good sense of place, so much of the story works.


Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors, “Roll or Die” by Paul Molyneaux, Issue 133 February/March 2015

What a cool concept. I wish there were more here, because I would definitely read it.

Additional Entries

Adirondack Life, “The Secret Life of Ponds” by Curt Stager, May/June 2015

Cottage Life, “Front Lines, Home Fires” by Naomi Buck, Summer 2015

Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors, “Wooden Boat Love: It’s Alive and Well” by Bill Mayher, Issue 137 November/December 2015

Texas Highways, “The Lakes Less Paddled” by Erich Schlegel, October 2015

Texas Highways, “State of the Plate” by Robb Walsh, November 2015