Art Direction of a Single Story 30,000 or more Circulation


Arkansas Life, “Best of 2015 “ by Kelley Lane and Arshia Khan, August 2015

Beautiful layout and art direction! Love the section titles-beautiful typography.


Louisiana Life , “A Fresh Take on Nostalgic Recipes “ by Sarah George, March/April 2015

Beautifully planned and executed photography matching perfectly with the content.


Texas Highways, “Lakes, Sweet Lakes” by Mark Mahorsky, Jane Wu, Brandon Jakobeit, July 2015

Award of Merit

Adirondack Life, “Jazzing Up Lake George” by Kelly Hofschneider, September/October 2015

Award of Merit

Cottage Life, “The Lake That Wouldn’t Be” by Kim Zagar, Spring 2015

Award of Merit

Arizona Highways, “The Blue “ by Barbara Glynn Denney, Keith Whitney, Jeff Kida, July 2015

Gorgeous photography.

Additional Entries

Arizona Highways, “Hawkeye Huey Was Here” by Barbara Glynn Denney, Keith Whitney, Jeff Kida, 2015

Louisiana Life, “Louisiana Clear Spirits” by Sarah George, 2015

Mississippi Magazine, “The Best of Mississippi 2015” by Bonnie Dickerson, 2015

Saltscapes, “Making Pictures” by Shawn Dalton, 2015

Saltscapes, “Healing Roots” by Shawn Dalton, 2015

Texas Highways, “The Great State Fair of Texas” by Mark Mahorsky, Jan Wu, Brandon Jakobeit, 2015