Arizona Highways, “On the Road Again” by Eric Hanson, May 2015

Fun and energetic with just the right amount of “rough around the edges”—the loose, unrefined style feels real and authentic and totally unpretentious.


"Twenty Million and a Hyphen"

Adirondack Life, “Anna Bond’s Adirondack Summer Sketchbook” by Anna Bond, July/August 2015

Lovely, whimsical, painterly illustration style.


Kansas!, “The Dallas Bar-B-Que Renaissance” by Mark Mahorsky, April 2015

Additional Entries

Delaware Beach Life, “In With the New” by Tessa Lingo, October 2015

The Iowan, “Iowan – Touring Iowa’s Great River Road” by Megan Johansen, Sept/Oct 2015

Texas Highways, “State of the Plate/Comfort Comes in Many Flavors” by Mark Mahorsky, November 2015