Nature and Environment Feature 35,000 or less Circulation


Arkansas Life, “The Naturalist” by David Priest

Informative, unexpected, well-realized.


Oklahoma Today, “Whatever Happened to the Horny Toad?” by Chad Love

Well organized and well written, with some nice surprises. (Toads with tiny backpacks—who knew?)


Wyoming Wildlife, “Taking the High Road” by Christina Schmidt Shorma

Award of Merit

Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors, “Wild About Moose” by Ron Joseph

Informative, well-written, and service-y. Also answers an important question: What is the plural of moose?

Additional Entries

albemarle: Living in Jefferson’s Virginia, “Venomous Snakes In Virginia” by Eden Weathersby and Jack Looney

Delaware Beach Life, “Saving a Salt Marsh” by Lynn R. Parks, Kevin Fleming, Carolyn Watson, Terry Plowman, Alissa Rosenstein, Tessa Lingo, Terry Plowman, Tom Kavanagh, and Marimar McNaughton

Kansas!, “Flint Hills as Muse” by Michelle Leivan, Judith Mackey, Louis Copt, Beverly Dodge Radefeld, Michael Duane, Zak Barnes, Shelly Bryant, Andrea Etzel, and Nathan Pettengill

Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors, “Bringing Back the Peregrines” by Donna Gold

Missouri Life, “On a Wing and a Prayer” by Brandon Butler

Mountain Home, “Hero at the Headwaters” by Dave Wonderlich

Wyoming Wildlife, “Docile but Deadly” by Christina Schmidt Shorma