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Arizona Highways, “A Little Cat Goes A Long Way” by Matt Jaffe

The writer takes a subject that is both involved and elusive and really makes it sing. It’s clear and engaging, with nice writerly touches throughout.

 SilverNew Mexico Magazine, “Valley of Life” by Will Grant

Hands down, the best writing of all the entries I read. Narrative storytelling at its best.


Cottage Life, “Plant A Tree, Grow A Forest” by Liann Bobechko and Jackie Davis

Award of Merit

Adirondack Life, “Up in the Air” by Luke Cyphers

Additional Entries

Arizona Highways, “Where The Wild Orchid Grows” by Kathy Montgomery, Barbara Glynn Denney, Keith Whitney, Robert A. Stieve, Kelly Vaughn, and Noah Austin
British Columbia Magazine, “Sea Otter Country” by Isabelle Groc
Louisiana Life, “Best of Louisiana Outdoors” by Chris Holmes, Sarah George, and Melanie Warner Spencer
Saltscapes, “Nature’s Filters” by Scott Leslie
Saltscapes, “Can’t see the forest or the trees” by Deborah Carr
Texas Highways, “Stories of the Wild” by Jane Kellogg Murray
Texas Highways, “Big Thicket Drift” by Matt Joyce