Acadiana Profile, “Les Artistes” by Will Kalec, Danley Romero, Sarah George, and Melanie Warner Spencer

Stunning portraits combined with large photographs of the artists’ work and clean design make for a very compelling department.


Arizona Highways, “The Journal” by Barbara Glynn Denney, Keith Whitney, Jeff Kida, Robert A. Stieve, Kelly Vaughn, and Noah Austin

Amazing photography, captivating stories. Very well done.

Tie for Silver


Louisiana Life, “Great Louisiana Chef” by Ashley McLellan, Danley Romero, Sarah George, and Melanie Warner Spencer

Love these profiles with recipes—seeing the chef’s food serves as the ultimate inspiration to visit local restaurants.


Texas Highways, “Hit the Road” by Michael Corcoran, Mike Lowery, Clayton Maxwell, Trina Dalziel, Wes Ferguson, and Tim Carroll

Fun and informative illustrations anchor these very well-designed town profiles.

Additional Entries

Adirondack Life, “Barkeater: Love and Challah, Remains of the Days, Into the Wilderness” by Jane Finkle, Niki Kourofsky, Fran Yardley, Kelly Hofschneider, Annie Stoltie, Lisa Bramen and Niki Kourofsky

Arkansas Life, “First Taste” by Bonnie Bauman, Seth Eli Barlow, Arshia Khan, and Emma Devine

Kansas!, “Behind the Lens” by Justin Lister, Deborah Walker, David Mayes, Shelly Bryant, Andrea Etzel, and Nathan Pettengill

Louisiana Life, “Louisiana Made” by Danley Romero, Sarah George, and Melanie Warner Spencer

Missouri Life, “Missouriana” by Tom Sullivan and Laura Heck

Oklahoma Today, “The Market” by Karlie Ybarra, Lori Duckworth, Steven Walker, and Nathan Gunter

Texas Highways, “Travel Matters” by Heather Brand, Gaby D’Alessandro, Matt Joyce, Charlie Powell, and John Kachik

Yukon, North of Ordinary, “Local Heroes – Northern Adventurers” by Kate Harris, Cathie Archbould, Manu Keggenhoff, and Tara McCarthy