Food Feature


Acadiana Profile, “Best New Restaurants” by Chere Coen, Denny Culbert, Sarah George, and Melanie Warner Spencer

Really wonderful! I love how playful the design is.


Louisiana Life, “Oh Shucks!” by Stanley Dry, Eugenia Uhl, Sarah George, and Melanie Warner Spencer

Beautiful images. Interesting concept and nice execution across the board.


Arkansas Life, “Finders, Keepers” by Bonnie Bauman, Arshia Khan, and Emma Devine

Love the sidebars. Great content and fun to see. Nice photography.

Award of Merit

Kansas!, “Twenty Yummy Places” by Meta Newell West, Kelly Gibson, Linda Ditch, Nathan Pettrngill, Shelly Bryant, Andrea Etzel, and Nathan Pettengill

Beautiful presentation with great incorporation of text and photos. I want to visit all these restaurants!

Award of Merit

Oklahoma Today, “Food Worth the Drive” by Leighona Bernstein, Nathan Gunter, Brooke Adcox, Kristin Kinney, Becky Carman, Sheilah Bright, Sara Cowan, Megan Rossman, Karlie Ybarra, Dyrinda Tyson & Silas Allen, Lori Duckworth, JJ Ritchey, Steven Walker, and Nathan Gunter

This is what a food package should be.

Award of Merit

Texas Highways, “Cowboy Cafes” by Matt Joyce and Erich Schlegel

A great glimpse into stockyard cafes and the culture around them. Love all the detail and scene setting in the story.

Additional Entries

Acadiana Profile, “Game On” by Cheré Coen, Denny Culbert, Sarah George, and Melanie Warner Spencer

Louisiana Life, “Culinary Heritage” by Jyl Benson, Denny Culbert, Sarah George, and Melanie Warner Spencer

Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors, “Farm to Table” by Nancy Harmon Jenkins

Missouri Life, “What’s on the Mizzou Training Table?” by Matt Crossman, Notley Hawkins, Tom Sullivan, and Laura Heck

Texas Highways, “Tasty Tidings” by Mark Mahorsky, Emily Stone, Lori Moffatt, Matt Joyce, Kimya Kavehkar, Jane Wu, Jane Kellogg Murray, Brandon Jakobeit, June Naylor, Eric W. Pohl, E. Dan Klepper, Mai Pham, Paula Disbrowe, Dana Goolsby, Daniel Tyx, Matthew Johnson, and Will van Overbeek

Yukon, North of Ordinary, “Culinary Entrepreneurs” by Miche Genest, GBP Creative, Manu Keggenhoff, and Tara McCarthy