Travel Package


Down East, “The Great Maine Scavenger Hunt” by Joel Crabtree, will Grunewald, Brian Kevin, Frances Killea, Virginia M. Wright, Benjamin Williamson, Jamie Walter, Cait Bourgault, Mark Jones, Don Seymour, Greg Hartford, Robin Farrin, Douglas Merriam, David Kynor, Little Outdoor Giants, Susan Cole Kelly, Corey Templeton, Lynda Wasco, Michael Leonard, Chris Becker, Katherine Sfeir, Jacqueline Guerrette Wilson, Jack Milton, Steve Venco, Greg Parsons, Jason Paige Smith, Stephen Beckwith, Robert Bukaty, Greta Rybus, Adam Woodworth, Mike O’Leary, Miroslaw Jurek, and Kathleen Fleury

This is a spectacularly ambitious piece. Clearly a staff-wide effort.


Louisiana Life, “Hoppy Trails” by Melanie Warner Spencer

The way the graphics play with the text in this piece are very well done.


Acadiana Profile, “A Journey Down the Bayou “ by Denny Culbert, Sarah George, and Melanie Warner Spencer

The visuals are king. You really feel like you were on the bayou with him.


Additional Entries

, “The Essential Guide to Winter in the Mountains” by Shelley Arnusch, Kevin Brooker, Lisa Kadane, Andrew Penner, Gwendolyn Richards, Sarah McMenemy, and Käthe Lemon

Texas Highways, “Eight Great Quirky Stays” by E. Dan Klepper, June Kellogg Murray, Kathryn Jones, Michael Amador, Matthew Johnsen, Robert W. Hart, and Matthew Johnson

Texas Highways, “Our Favorite Main Streets” by Clayton Maxwell and Matthew Johnson