Historic Feature 35,000 or less circulation 2022


KANSAS! Magazine, “200 Hundred Years of the Santa Fe Trail

by Beccy Tanner

Beccy Tanner is the clear winner in this category, with sparkling prose and deep context.


Oklahoma Today, “The Good, the Bad, and the Legendary” 

by Karlie Ybarra, Greg Elwell, Nathan Gunter, and Megan Rossman

What a creative way to tell the tales of the old West! I thoroughly enjoyed these stories.


The Bermudian, “From Whence We Came

by Gabrielle Boyer and Tina Stevenson

A fascinating overview of Bermuda’s history to the sea.


Adirondack Life, “The Girls Next Door

by Niki Kourofsky

A creative piece about an under-reported and fascinating part of the history of the area.