Hed & Dek 2019


Cottage Life, “Have Road, Will Gravel” by Blair Eveleigh

An outstanding example of adding a twist, creating a pun out of the mission of the story and of unfurling an explanatory dek that makes me want to stay on the page. Well done.


Arizona Highways , “He Can Take Care of Himself Just Fine” by Robert Stieve

I can’t imagine another headline and subhead that would make me want to read about this guy more.

Tie for Silver


Louisiana Life, “Woman’s Work” by Jyl Benson

This hed is a perfect dig at old gender stereotypes.


Texas Highways, “Hamming It Up in Flatonia” by Clayton Maxwell

I give it credit for its cleverness and for adding more than simply “hamming it up.”

Award of Merit

Acadiana Profile, “Boil Advisory” by Denny Culbert