Essay 2019


Adirondack Life, “Four Peaks” by Mark Obbie

I found myself growing attached to the grouchy landlord, so much that I skipped ahead a few paragraphs because I was eager to learn his fate.


Down East, “Paul and Me” by Ron Currie

Compelling scenes, telling details, and memorable moments.

Tie for Silver


New Mexico Magazine, “Found(ation)” by Rose B. Simpson

This essay took me places, surprised me, introduced me to people, showed me things. I like it when an essay does that.


Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors, “The Joy and Heartache of Maine Farm Life in the 1960s” by Ronald Joseph

I could feel, touch, hear, smell, and see these people, this place, the animals, and that truck. Well done.

Award of Merit

Oklahoma Today, “Stay Gold” by Quraysh Ali Lansana

Powerful storytelling.