Column 2019


Downhome, “I Dare Say” by Janice Stuckless

I love that these pieces are short and simple, but leave an impact. These are thoughtful and should be emulated.


Adirondack Life, “Short Carries” by Annie Stoltie

The writing is personal and appeals to the reader’s emotions.


Arizona Highways, “Editor’s Letter” by Robert Stieve

I like how these comments reflect on the history of the magazine, something that is very important for readers of this title.

Award of Merit

Cottage Life, “Zim Weighs In” by David Zimmer

Entertaining as hell, and doubtless a great fit with the magazine’s readers.

Award of Merit

Texas Highways, “Editor’s Note” by Emily Stone

If you’re going to have an editor’s note, this is how it should be done. Short, sweet, and to the point.