Department 2019


New Mexico Magazine, “Tasting” by Gwyneth Doland, Inga Hendrickson, Douglas Merriam, John McCauley, John Clary Davies, and Kate Nelson

The blend between relevant information, trends and history with restaurants, super shots and easy recipes was perfect. Truly outstanding. Perfect execution.

Tie for Gold


Cottage Life“Workshop” by Michelle Kenny and Braeden Alexander

This is a fun department. I like the mix of content too: from DIYs to helpful tips to tools.  It all feels useful to the reader.


Texas Highways, “Plates” by Joan Henderson, Andrea Lin, Mark Mahorsky, Emily Stone, Ashley Burch, Brandon Jakobeit, Wes Ferguson, Matt Joyce, Jane Kellogg Murray, Chris Linnen, and Kimya Kavehkar

Fun, conversational writing. Couldn’t get enough.


Louisiana Life, “Great Louisiana Chef ” by Ashley McLellan, Danley Romero, Sarah George, and Melanie Warner Spencer

Stunning shots of the chefs and the food. Love the simplicity of the design.