Reader Service Article 2019


Cottage Life, “One Heck of a Deck” by Martin Zibauer

Textbook service, but with extra style and entertainment value.


Avenue, “Ready, Set, Summer” by Shelley Arnusch, Andrew Guilbert, Dylan Leeder, Käthe Lemon and Victoria Lessard

An exhaustive yet not exhausting survey. Impressive effort.


Oklahoma Today, “Food Worth the Drive” by Greg Elwell, Nathan Gunter, Trisha Bunce, Karlie Ybarra, Sheilah Bright, Angela Botzer, Sara Cowan, Becky Carman, Rebecca Sterkel, Clara Linhoff, Bryan Byrne, Megan Rossman, and Silas Allen

Wow, that’s a lot of dessert. Impressive!

Tie for Bronze


Texas Highways, “93 Days of Summer” by Kimya Kavehkar

Very well crafted.

Award of Merit

Downhome, “Your May 2-4 Guide” by Vince Marsh, Janice Stuckless, Ashley Miller, Elizabeth Whitten, and Tobias Romaniuk

Well-done. Appreciated the barbecue tips!