Cover 35,000 or more circulation


Texas Highways, “Unplugged” by Darren Huski

Stunning image – definitely made me pause and have an emotional reaction.”


New Mexico Magazine, “Makers” by Minesh Bacrania, John McCauley, John Clary Davies, and Kate Nelson

This is absolutely a travel-mag cover that says “Open up and say ‘wow'”!!


Arizona Highways, “Explore Arizona’s Deserts” by Sean Parker, Barbara Glynn Denney, and Robert Stieve

I don’t like a lot of words on the cover. This says what it’s about and then gets out of the way.


Avenue Magazine, “Top 40 Under 40” by Käthe Lemon, Brendan Klem, and Venessa Brewer

Such a clever idea and wonderful execution here. Fun, fun, fun!